Your Moments, Authentically Yours

In those precious moments of the photo shoot, it's all about you. Feel at ease, be yourselves, and savor the rare, quiet moments amidst the day's excitement. This shoot is your chance to pause, to love, and to be immortalized in the joy of your connection.

As you immerse yourself in the celebration, rest assured that the essence of your day is being captured discreetly. Like a guest with an eye for the candid, your story is being told quietly, authentically, capturing the genuine emotions and spontaneous moments as they unfold.

Imagine your wedding day where every laugh, every tear, and every dance is captured, not just as photos, but as memories you'll cherish forever.

Let the joy of your wedding day come alive in every photo

Here’s the deal: you get more than just photos. You get memories frozen in time, filled with joy, togetherness, and lots of love. It’s all about catching those real, unplanned moments that show not just the two of you crazy in love, but also the amazing group of people who’ve come to celebrate with you.

At the heart of every wedding is a simple, beautiful truth: it's a rare occasion that brings together everyone you love, from all over the world, in one special place.


We're capturing your love story in a place that sings to your hearts, hitting pause on the world for a moment. It’s about seizing those genuine, unscripted moments of you two, wrapped in the atmosphere you adore, crafting images that tell your unique journey together.

Think of couple shoots as your personal time machine.


Picture your favorite moments, now moving to the beat of a beautiful song, adding a whole new layer to your love story. It's like watching, hearing, and feeling your journey all over again, but with a fresh, vivid twist. This is your special day, turned into a dynamic, emotional experience that's all yours to keep.

Your memories get a whole new life with a short highlight video trailer. It's more than just looking back:


magine the joy of reliving your most precious moments, printed and preserved in unparalleled quality, ensuring that every glance brings your special day back to life.

Capture your love story in an exquisite wedding album that will become a cherished heirloom, passed down through generations.



Let's Talk Dreams

"Gloria has been with us as a family photographer for a very long time, from the engagement shoot to the civil and church weddings, and finally, a small maternity shoot. It surely says a lot when we consistently choose her as our photographer. Her style of imagery, attention to detail, love for people, and her enchanting laugh that invariably brings a smile to our faces - all contribute to making her the perfect companion for life's most important moments."

"the perfect companion for life's most important moments"

from miriam